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Wix Custom Bootstrapper with Windows 8 style.



Custom Wix Boostrapper for Wix Toolset v3.8 with Windows 8 Style.


This is a DLL project that integrates into Wix Bootstrapper Application and change style of Installation Project to match Windows 8.



1) Control installation of Pre-requisites, such as .NET Framework, SQL Server, IIS, etc.

2) Control installation of Packages, Features.

3) Customize values of defined Wix Variables.

4) Download/Installation progress indication.

5) Errors handling.



I'm still in development, and it's only a beta version, however I think it's time to make it public :)



This source code is shared with GPL v3


Sample Dialogs:

License Agreement (by default loads Wix License Template)

License Agreement Dialog


Feature Selection:

Feature Selection


Custom Wix Variables Setting:

Feature Selection


Progress Dialog

 Progress Dialog

Finish Dialog

 Finished Dialog

Finish Error Dialog(exists, but no image yet)



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